Do you desire to:

- Overcome sexual difficulties - pain, discomfort, lack of sensation

- Feel more relaxed and open during intimacy

- Expand your pleasure capacity

- Experience deeper more fulfilling orgasms

- Understand and explore the Art of Female Ejaculation

- Feel more sensual, confident and turned on

- Take your relationship with yourself and partner to a whole new level

- Cultivate sexual empowerment and live an ecstatic life!

Hi, my name is Kate.

I'm a Somatic Sexologist, Certified Sexological Bodyworker, ISTA & Master Your Pleasure Graduate, Author and Workshops Facilitator. I have the training and experience to support you in connecting more fully with your body, sex and sexuality.

I'm very passionate about helping people expand their pleasure capacity, feel more embodied, and reclaim sexual empowerment.

I offer sex and relationship coaching, embodied therapy and somatic education to people in Australia - one on one, couples and group facilitation. I also works with people across the globe via Zoom or Messenger Video Call.

I combine many years of experience in fitness, health, conscious sexuality, somatic sexology, breathwork, bodywork, transformation, plant medicines and the shamanic arts to create a unique transmission that inspires, enlivens and awakens. I'm an engaging speaker with a natural gift of sharing interesting stories, references and rich personal experiences. I deliver my understanding and wisdom within a practical context that inspires, motivates, and awakens new perspectives.

I bring presence, warmth, openness, heart, and authenticity to my work, and welcome people of all genders, sexualities and relationship preferences.

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